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an Unprecedented


To Invest in Rare Stamps

The recent advent of third party grading and encapsulating of rare postage stamps has resulted in an exciting new market, offering distinct diversification benefits and performance potential to investors.

"Our experts possess the specialized ability to identify and acquire high-grade rare stamps for our clients, creating an unparalleled opportunity to earn substantial returns in what investment experts term an inefficient, yet high performance market."


Rare Stamps have always been valuable assets, and an attractive investment to a select audience. They are scarce, miniature works of art, a part of American history, and have proven financial and aesthetic value. In fact, many rare stamps have outperformed stocks and other equities.

Until recently, however, rare stamp collecting and trading was a business with limited access. Experts and dealers, with the ability to acquire higher grade rarities at wholesale pricing, held a distinct advantage over collectors and investors. Additionally, the lack of clear standards in evaluating quality made it difficult for non-experts to recognize opportunities in the market.

"Standardized grading and encapsulation has fundamentally altered the stamp marketplace by allowing a broader audience to buy and sell with confidence, resulting in record prices for graded stamps, and creating outstanding new opportunities for investment."


The success of the rare coin market since its adoption of grading and encapsulation standards in 1986, provides an excellent indication as to the robust growth potential for rare stamps. The security of grading and encapsulation was the key to confidence in the coin marketplace, resulting in steady value growth and sight-unseen trading. With similar standards in place, we expect rare high-grade stamps to experience the same growth in value as seen in the coin market, having already shown growth in these still early stages.

The market and value growth enabled by standardized grading and encapsulating is becoming increasingly evident, and the fact that stamp values move counter to inflation and dips in the equities markets make rare stamps an attractive alternative investment. Rarity Ventures seeks to enhance this opportunity, by providing access to hard-to-find rare stamps, at wholesale prices, with the potential to significantly outperform standard equity portfolios.

Coin Market
Key Dates and Rarities Index
This chart represents the value increase of $1000 invested in "Rarities" and "Coins with Key Dates" in 1970. Valuations in the coin market spiked in 1989, simultaneous to the advent of grading and encapsulation, and continued a steady rise through 2004, counter to fluctuations in the stock market. All evidence indicates that a dramatic rise has already begun in the stamp market. (Source: www.pcgs.com)

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