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Our expertise and market knowledge has resulted in large profits for stamp dealers and resellers for more than 25 years. We are now offering the same access and expertise to investors looking to benefit from diversifying into rare stamps.

Decades of experience and long-term global relationships in the stamp market make Rarity Ventures distinctly qualified to locate, value and acquire high grade rare stamps, in many cases before they enter the general market-place. This access enables us to provide pricing once only afforded to dealers.

This combination of expertise, access, price-advantage and certainty of grade makes Rarity Ventures a critical investment partner, helping to guide clients through this promising market.

Our goal is to become the partner of choice for investors seeking to take advantage of this emerging market. To this end, we will personally assemble and manage portfolios of investment quality graded and encapsulated rare stamps for our clients. Unlike hedge funds and other pooled investments, these portfolios will be composed entirely of tangible, client-owned assets. A Rarity Ventures portfolio requires a minimum commitment of $25,000, but can be assembled to exceed several million dollars.

As part of our service, we will advise on market trends, identify the best times to buy or sell to maximize profits, and handle all aspects of liquidation, including private sale, or sale by public auction. Upon request, we will store portfolio assets in our vaults, fully insured through Lloyd’s of London.

For the highest returns, these portfolios should be viewed as long-term investments. However, we guarantee the liquidity of every portfolio by agreeing to buy back stamps, at any time, at fair market value.

We are committed to the goal of delivering long-term value, and to managing portfolios in a manner consistent with our clients’ investment priorities.

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